Attention all Prospective School Volunteers:

If you want to volunteer at school this year or assist as a chaperone on a field trip, you must first complete Volunteer Training per BCPS policy. Volunteer Training must be completed every year, regardless of previous training.

In the past Volunteer Training had to be completed at the school, but this year it can be done at home or on your own.  Volunteers that have completed the at-home training need to submit 2 things to the school.

1. Volunteer application.  PDF attached here- BCPS volunteer application

2. Certificate of completion for online Volunteer Training.  Access the Volunteer training through this link  http://bcpsvolunteers.md.safeschools.com/register/0c626573

Please signup for our School directory :


There will be one monthly in-school Volunteer training session available at school (for those who cannot get on the Internet outside of school). If you have any questions regarding Volunteer Training, please contact the school office 410-887-3869.

updated 9/7/16