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WTES PTA Board 2016-18


Matthew Piercey PTA President


Matthew Piercey  (


Erin Cheikh PTA VP


Peter Grose PTA VP

Vice Presidents:

Erin Cheikh  (
Peter Grose (

Victoria Cowger  PTA secretary

Secretary:  Victoria Cowger




Nate Atkinson PTA Treasurer


Nate Atkinson (



2016-17  WTES PTA  Standing Committees

Box Tops : Julie Trumbauer (

Cultural Arts: Kathy Osborn (

Environmental:  Monica Leigh (

Family Socials: Jackie Piercey (, Ginny Gallagher (

Health and Wellness: Samantha Apel (, Meredith Dobrosielski (

Hospitality: Allison Gerbereux (

PTA Membership: position open- contact PTA Board

(Responsible for processing PTA membership forms from PTA members and distributing PTA cards. Time commitment is minimal and concentrated at the beginning of the school year only)

School Spirit: Margo Workman ( )

School Store: Karma Quinn (

Volunteer Coordinator: position open- contact PTA Board

(Responsible for creating volunteer data base, provides support to PTA committees in finding interested volunteers.  Time commitment is minimal and concentrated at the beginning of the school year only)

Website: Zack Alon (

Westy Whistler: position open- contact PTA Board

(Responsible for collecting information from families for the PTA student directory and preparing it for publication. Time commitment is moderate and concentrated at the beginning of the school year only.  Can be a shared position)

Yearbook: Kate Cullum (, Stacy Sebring (


2016-17   WTES PTA  Special Event Committees

Book Fair: Kristy Knuppel (

Generations Day: Stefanie Weir (

Patriots and Defenders: Krista Collier ( and Kathy Osborn (

School Supply Kits: Theresa Bassett (


WTES  Special Coordinators

(These are groups within WTES that are not part of the PTA organization/budget, but do work with the PTA)

Room Parent Coordinator: Pam Coleman (

Special Education Liaison: position open , if interested please contact the BCPS Office of Special Education  443-809-3660  (The Special Education liaison is a parent volunteer who has a child with an IEP. The Liaison works closely with the PTA and school staff to be a resource in the school community regarding the needs of children with disabilities.  The special education liaison must be a PTA member in good standing.)

TTREC Before/After School Clubs: Krista Collier (

Westy’s Walk Organizer extraordinaire: Holly Henson (

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Twitter Contacts


Mrs. Hershfeld   @shershfeld3

Third Grade Teachers    @WTowson3rdGrade

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