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PTA Board Positions and Responsibilities:

Job Descriptions per WTES Bylaws


  • Preside at all meetings, coordinate the work of the officers and committees, be a member ex officio of all committees, review and initial bank statements, represent the PTA, be a liaison between the PTA and Principals.

Vice President 1:

  • Act as an aide to the president; in the designated order perform the duties of the president in the absence or inability of the officer to serve. Be responsible for overseeing the chairpersons who head the volunteers, membership and nominating committees. Vacancy in the Presidency will be filled by VP1.

Vice President 2:

  • Will preside at all PTA meetings in absence of President and VP1. Will be responsible for overseeing the chairpersons who head the Hospitality, Fundraising and PR committees. Act as an aide to the President and perform other duties as assigned.


  • Record the minutes of all meetings, file all records, have current copy of bylaws, maintain current membership list, and perform other duties as assigned.


 Manage all deposits and payments of the PTA. Keep a full and accurate account of all receipts and expenditures including reconciliation of the bank statement each month.
Make disbursements as authorized by the president or board or committee members. Present a written financial statement (budget) at every meeting and whenever requested. Make a final report before the newly elected officers officially assume their duties. Be responsible for the maintenance of such books of account and records as to conform to the requirements of Article IV, Section 14 of the bylaws. (Sign for each transaction, double count, have president cosign payments). Be responsible for preparing and filing all necessary tax forms including COF-85 and personal property forms and sales and use tax forms. Have the accounts examined at the close of the fiscal year and upon change of treasurer by an auditor.

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