Environmental Committee

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The WTES Environmental Committee exists to:

  • support school wide “green” efforts
  • improve school grounds with a focus on greener ways to maintain or improve what we have
  • improve awareness through communication with teachers, students, parents, and community
  • support the school’s Green Team efforts for our Green School Certification

To this effect, we have:

  • trained a team of students from each class on the art of being “Greener Cleaners” to help with lunchroom recycling and upcycling efforts
  • diverted more than 30,000 chip bags and 20,000 juice pouches from the county’s landfill through TerraCycle (http://www.terracycle.net)
  • supported the Green Team’s installation of a native-plant flagpole gardenwtes5
  • developed an outdoor “mobile classroom” by providing 50 5-gallon buckets for students to use
  • provided bluebird boxes to protect their native habitat
  • met with the Senior Manager for Community Outreach at Blue Water Baltimore and toured the West Towson and Ridge Ruxton campus to identify areas of opportunity for “greening” our grounds
  • planted shade trees along the campus’s athletic fields
  • hosted an all-grades after-school Green Kids club
  • brought in “green” assemblies that enhanced student curriculawtes4
  • included monthly “green” tips in the school’s newsletter
  • participated in Project Clean Stream to remove trash and debris from our campus stream
  • recycled more than 10,000 pounds of textiles through Clothing to Cash
  • earned between $500-$1,000 per year to support our Green School
  • repurposed used or broken crayons to be sold in the school store
  • painted “drains to the bay” awareness murals on campus storm drains


And plan to support these grade-level projects:bluebirds

  • Kindergarten’s Outdoor Classroom
  • 1st grade’s Crayon Upcycling Project
  • 2nd grade’s Bluebird Boxes
  • 3rd grade’s Rotting Log Garden
  • 4th grade’s Butterfly Garden
  • 5th grade’s Rain Garden

 Green tips & tricks:

Committee Details:

  • The Green Team is a group of dedicated school staff working primarily to maintain WTES’s designation as a Maryland Green School.
  • The Environmental Committee is a PTA group of volunteer parents who work together to improve the school’s and community’s surroundings for a more sustainable, eco-friendly environment.
  • If you have questions, suggestions, or are interested in joining the PTA’s Environmental Committee, please contact Monica Leigh at mmleigh@gmail.com.