Box Tops

screen-shot-2016-09-13-at-11-15-54-am Box Tops for Education

WTES PTA encourages parents to collect Box Tops for Education to help raise money for our school.  Sadly, the Labels for Education program has ended.  Please only submit Box Tops.

Box Top Chairs 2017-2018

Shelly bray

Megan LePore

Check out our display in the lobby!btlobby

There is no classroom collection this year.  All Box Tops will be collected in the bin by this lobby display.  Westy will help us count our collection numbers by balancing a pile of books which shows how many Box Tops West Towson has collected!  Collected Box Tops’ funds will be going towards the PTA, teacher wish lists, and Teacher Workroom supplies.  Please help our school reach our goal of 20,000 Box Tops or $2,000!

 WTES Earnings

2016-17 – Goal $2,000.00

2015-16 – 1,701.80

2014-15 – $1,953.60

2013-14 – $3,022.55

2012-13 – $1,716.79


Interested in volunteering?

Here’s what is involved:

  1. Contact the coordinator (Julie Trumbauer) by email,
  2. Detailed directions will be sent home to volunteers. Basically, you check the expiration dates, clip edges, and sort into piles of 50.
  3. Twice a year (October 12th and February 8th), a large baggie of Box Tops will be sent home for you to sort and count.
  4. Return the sorted Box Tops to school or drop them by Julie’s house (by October 21st and February 17th).

As always, a BIG thank you goes out to all of our volunteers, past, present and future!  You all are amazing!  Thank you for all of your time and support!

2015-2016 winners:                                 Congratulations, Mrs. Mohr’s class!


2014-2015 winners:                            Congratulations, Mrs. Macek’s class!FullSizeRender


2013-2014 winners:                            Congratulations, Mr. Rabin’s class!wtesbtwinner

update 9/12/16